What you think you doing with your tits in my face
I really love woman and you should like too
My cock stayed like a rock, and you came to my place
But I don´t expect the banana in you

Motherfucker, can imagine, when I thought I made a score
On day I ask your fucking name you answer me Rachel
My boy was iqual a boxer, and he wasn´t fight anymore
My gun it´s loaded, go fuck yourself Michael

( 2x )
I don´t have nuts, but I need a chick to fuck
She doesn´t have apetite, but she needs a lolipop to suck

Yerterday you were cunt in the Mr. Perry class
Just forget the other things, I just desire your ass

Tomorrow is my birthday and I know what I got wan
Give me a blowjob, not for love, just for fun


Cut the bullshit and take your panties for me now
You tell me you look a way to cum, and trust girl, I now how

When I see that bitch my mind stay dirty
She´s so delicious stand the grampa´s budy

She wants some stuff really big and tall
Because her finger is really small

I want something wet, shaved and warm
Because I already broke my arm


Oh dude you must see that pussy, you know
Her naked is like a angel, I know

On the last date I blow Jane, my inflatable doll
I don´t think twice and put the dick in my little brother´s ball

I saw that princess again, oh man
And I was stoned again