Tired to see people dreaming awake
Devoid of their own desires
It’s like to sink in deep waters
How can a wingless bird fly?
Not even the wind will be by its side
I want to simply stop thinking
Give me a break
Deep in slumber
Deep in slumber
Wake up
Do not be the one who rests eternally
Wake up
Open your eyes with anger
It seems like the one in front of you
Is someone else still asleep
The time is running faster
And you just wait
Dark clouds approaching
To sweep all absurdity
At the end of the countdown
Everything changes
Discharge all anger from you
The dark side of this principle
Have fun without mercy
Kill them all
Let’s bring down calamity
There is no time to hide
There is no place where you’ll be safe
Save yourself
Not even heaven will be by your side
I force you to dive into my senses
Numb forever