Here is the soul of a man
Here in this place for the taking
Clothen in white
Stand in the light
Here is the soul of a man
Time to speak with the shame on a gain
Conjure the jester again
Black dog in the ruins is howling no name
So here is the soul of a man
When the world was virgin
Before the coming of man
Just a solemn witness
The beginning of the end
From a world of magma
To a cold rock face
The ascent of madness
And the human race
We are strange believers
All of us
There are stranger truths
In mortal lust
We rise from slumber
It calls our name
Recalls our number
How bad we came
Reefing a sail on the edge of the world
If eternity should fail
Waiting in line for the ending of time
If eternity should fail
Two Gods illusion
Which I recall
Was our delusion
Before the fall
The angels come
And angels go
But the lord of light
Shining below
Eternal blackness
Beyond the stars
We think our wisdom
Will get that far
At the master’s table
The table’s bare
No line of plenty
Devastation, despair
Good day
My name is necropolis
I am formed of the dead
I am the harvester of the soul
And I suck the lives from my bed
I own two sons, I gave them breath
And I fill their living corpses with my bile
What humanity I knew I have long forgotten
For me, eternity is nothing but a short while..